Saturday, February 14, 2015

New Clients ONLY...

Hello there!! This post is for anyone who would like to try my nail services and have NEVER been to me before...
Ever popular Gel Polish Manicure with nail art on two nails.

       All NEW clients will get        
                   50% OFF                    
any ONE service of their choice!

Fine Print:  Valid for one service, only. Not applicable to combination services such as mani-pedi's. Add-on services are additional cost. Not valid with any other offer. Applicable to anyone who has NEVER received a nail service from me before and haven't purchased any other deal in order to try my services. Not applicable to those who have purchased a Candyz Nailz Groupon deal and have yet to use their voucher. Walk-ins are welcome, appointments are preferred.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Some Nail Art From October to November 2014

I've been busy and behind on posting some of my latest nail art pictures. Here's some of what I've done lately, the most recent of which is the candy cane nail art...

French Gel Polish Manicure with hand-painted candy cane nail art.

Elegant Wish Gelish gel polish color with hand-painted Autumn leaf nail art

Gel Polish Manicure in fade effect with hand-painted Autumn leaves on two nails.

Gel Polish Manicure with picture window nail art

Glitter Nails!! Gel Polish Manicure with glitter nails

Fresh pedicure with a glittery polish for the holidays!

Acrylic pink and white nails with Halloween nail art

Acrylic nails with polish and hand-painted nail art on 4 nails in metallic acrylic paints for Autumn.

Acrylic nails with polish and hand-painted tiger themed nail art on 4 nails

Hand painted tiger stripes on one thumb and a tiger eye on the other

Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Holidays Deals

New Deals!

I have two great deals for you! Save 56% on my Happy Holidays Mani-Pedi package! which includes gel polish for your toes so you can put your socks and shoes on immediately after your pedicure... that means NO WAITING for your toes to dry or leaving the salon in sandals and having cold feet.

If you only want a manicure, save $8 with my Gel Polish Manicure deal. Have beautiful, shiny, long-lasting nails for the holidays!

View each offer for details and purchase online.

To schedule your appointment you can go to your order purchase confirmation email and book online using the link provided in the email or email me, text or call my business number (816-875-6613) or call the salon directly (816-781-9339).

Happy Holidays Mani-Pedi Package...

Gel Polish Manicure Deal...

Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014!

Happy Halloween, everybody! I know they're putting up Christmas stuff in the stores already but it's not even Hallween, yet. Let's enjoy the holidays one at a time, shall we? Get tons of candy to give out to the kids. Don't worry, you can eat the leftovers! Put on a scary or cute costume, dress up the kids, the pets, and decorate. I love Halloween! When you're done with the trick-or-treating you can turn out the lights and start watching some scary movies! Or, do what I do... buy tons of candy, turn out all the lights, start a scary movie marathon and eat all the candy myself!!

Here's some Halloween and autumn nail art I have hand-painted for clients and for you to enjoy...

Red and burnt orange gel polish fade with lightning bolts and bats on 2 fingers.

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Due to the current salon downsizing and not having an appropriate space for me to do nails and pedicures, I've had to find a new location to move to and I am glad to say I have found a wonderful new home for me and my clients! As of today I have moved to Stevie and Company Hair Salon in Pleasant Valley, Missouri which is just off of I-35 near Liberty, Missouri. I've never met a salon owner so welcoming, nice, smart and professional as Connie! I feel very positive and look forward to my future at this new location.

To mark the change I've revamped my website a little bit, gave it a facelift, and have updated my information across the internet. My business phone number is the same, how you make appointments online is the same, etc. The only thing that has changed is where you need to go when it's time for your service(s).

Please check out Google Maps for help in locating my new place of business. If you need further assistance you can call or text me, or call the salon directly at 816-781-9339.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer is here!!

We have waited so long and now it's finally here! Summer! Get your flip flops and sandals out, it is time to show off your feet and enjoy the heat.

Galapagos Islands
Thank you to everyone for being patient while I do my best to get everyone in for their mani's and pedi's. I wish I could make everyone happy but I can't. Hang in there and keep checking in to see if there are any openings. I will keep you posted. My website is the best place to check on new openings, but you can also check on Facebook if you prefer.

If you are NEW to Candyz Nailz please read the following...

1. I am one person renting a studio inside a full service salon. I am not a nail salon, I do not have a staff, and I am not a walk-in, discount salon. So, please be patient, follow all my instructions, read what I ask you to read and you will have an easier experience making your appointment and getting in to see me.

***Did you know your Groupon is good for 5 months? Yep, 150 days is about 5 months. So, if not now, you will get in to see me eventually. Go online and book in advance or email me and I'll book your appointment date for you!***

2. Some people who have purchased my Groupon deal and booked their own appointments online are having issues...a) because they are not reading my instructions about booking, canceling, rescheduling online appointments, or b) have not paid attention to the date they booked their appt for and either made a mental mistake or clicked on the wrong date, or c) did not make note of their appt date and show up on the wrong day or at the wrong time. This last issue seems to happen nearly every week. When you book your appointment online, you receive a confirmation email in your inbox (or check your spam/junk folder). Make sure you find that email and everything on it is correct. If not, then you can cancel then reschedule your existing appointment to the correct day and time.

***Also, make sure you book your appointment correctly. If you have a Groupon, choose your service from the Groupon Deals list. Don't book a Spa Manicure when you have a Groupon voucher for a Gel Mani/Spa Pedi. Book the GROUPON Gel Mani/Spa Pedi. Each service has a different time table, so if you book incorrectly, you may have to reschedule if there's not enough time to perform the service you actually want. So please, watch what you are doing. If you don't know what you're doing, skip to the bottom of this post and click on the instructions that I have made for you (including pictures) on how to book your appointment online.

3. The best way to contact me is by email... Please do NOT try to ask me questions or request an earlier appt. date, etc. using the memo function when making your appointment online. This is NOT a good way to communicate with me. Either call, text or, preferably, email me.

4. If I have taken the time to write instructions or email you directions, please read them. There is a reason I do this; it helps you have an easier experience and it helps me since I don't have staff to assist me.

5. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns just email me and let me know. Thank you!!

Instructions for booking online appointments, click here.

Instructions for canceling and rescheduling your online appointment, click here.

Instructions for caring for your Gel Polish Manicure, click here.

Instructions for home removal of gel polish, click here. (BE GENTLE)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Everybody wants a pedicure!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! I'm glad you want to get in to see me for your nail service! Fortunately for me, I'm getting busy. However, that sometimes means everybody is trying to get in at the same time...stampede!  So, hold your horses, it's still Spring, you'll get in and get your little piggies tended to, just bear with me :-) 

If you're a Groupon client, keep in mind that you're not the only one to purchase my Groupon. And, I'm only one person, so I'm doing my best to get everyone taken care of as soon as possible. Your voucher is good for 150 days from the date of purchase, that's about 5 months, so keep that in mind. For your convenience, you can book your appointment online...

...Steps for booking online appointments...  click here
...Steps on how to cancel and reschedule your online appointments... click here

***Note about my Groupon offer...As of May 23rd my Groupon deal has ended. Thank you to everyone who has purchased this introductory offer, I look forward to meeting you.  If you missed out on purchasing my Groupon or have already used yours, I have a few offers you may like... click here for current deals.