Thursday, May 7, 2015

Groupon voucher expiring May 20th...

It has come to my attention that all vouchers sold on this campaign are set to expire May 20th. This is the 3rd Groupon campaign I have run and with each previous campaign the expiration dates were setup differently. The vouchers were set to expire 150 days after the date of the voucher purchase. That was good for me because I am only one person and could get people's services taken care of effectively. However, this is not happening this time around. I am getting multiple calls, emails, texts every single day and everyone seems stressed about their Groupons. I would love to be in demand but the stress that this is putting me under is not healthy.

Here are two pieces of information that will help everyone out and take some of the pressure off of me as well...

1. I have a print out that shows me when each person bought their Groupon. So, I am letting everyone who bought their Groupon during my 3rd campaign have a 150 day cushion of time from the date of their voucher purchase. That means that if you bought your Groupon on April 10th, you have until August 7th to book your service(s). Your new expiration date is 150 days from the date you purchased your Groupon and your voucher will be honored for the full promotional value. (Please do not ask me when your purchase date is, it is on your voucher or will be located on your receipt email or in your My Groupons listing at Groupon)

2. It is Groupon's policy that you must make your booking before your expiration date, but the actual date of your appointment can fall beyond your voucher expiration. This means that if your voucher's expiration date (as I stated above, is 150 days from your voucher purchase date) is, for example, August 7th, then you must book some appointment date on or before August 7th, but the date you choose for your service appointment can be a date in the future, past August 7th (within reason). So if you need an evening appointment time and there aren't any available until August 11th, then you could book that day and your voucher would be honored for the full promotional value. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Appointment Assistance...

Welcome! I thank you for finding my website and will assist you in booking your appointment online. It's very easy. However, if you should need help or have a question, just come back here to this page and you'll find the answer.

Click here to go to Scheduling FAQ

Step 1:  Click on the "Book Now" button to the right -->
This is the page you will end up on...

Step 2:  If you have a Groupon and need to schedule the service you purchased then choose the "Groupon Services" category in the left-hand side of the menu... If you DO NOT have a Groupon then just pick whatever category your service will be listed under.

Step 3: Once you are on the correct page and see the service listed that you want, click on it. That brings you to the calendar page. NOTICE that there are different colors for the dates of the month. Grayed out dates are NOT AVAILABLE... blue dates can be chosen for booking your appointment.

Step 4:  Click on the date you want to book your appointment. (If the date is in gray and nothing happens when you click on it, it is not a date that is available for booking...please do not send me a message asking for that date) Once you click on a date then you will see times of day listed to the right. Those are the list of available times that day to book an appointment. (if the time you want isn't listed then it is not available)

Step 5:  Click the time that you want to book your appointment. Once you click on a time of day you are sent to the information page. NOTICE a clock that starts counting down in the upper right of the information page. This is a timer. You have about 4 1/2 minutes to complete your appointment booking or you will lose it, so be sure to be efficient with your time at this point. If the timer runs out, you can always continue with your booking and see if you get a green check mark and the message letting you know that your appointment was successfully booked. If you don't see that, and don't get an appt. confirmation sent to your email, then the booking was not successful and you need to try again.

Step 6: Enter your name, email, and other necessary information for booking your appointment. Click "continue" when you are done.

**If at any time you want to go back a screen or two, just click on the word "change" located on the title bar just left of the listing of my business hours.

Step 7:  Read over everything and make sure the date and time you have chosen are correct before clicking on the "confirm appointment" button. I am not responsible if you make a mistake when booking your own appointment online. If you need to change your appointment after it has been created and confirmed, go to your appointment confirmation email and click on the blue "manage my appointment" button within the email. To reschedule you MUST first cancel your existing appointment and create a new appointment. There are further instructions on my website that will walk you through the cancel and reschedule process which is very easy.

Step 8: Once you click on the "confirm appointment" button, check your email for your appointment confirmation. Make sure it doesn't go to your spam folder. This confirmation is important since you can cancel and reschedule your appointment by clicking on the "manage my appointment" button within the email.

Step 9:  Please read my Cancellation Policy and the instructions for canceling and rescheduling appointments for further assistance.

Thank you.

Scheduling FAQ...

Please read the following FAQ before attempting to contact me for assistance. Thank you.


1. Why do you want me to book my appointment online?
2. Why can't I book an appointment 2 months in advance?
3. Why is there a timer only giving me 5 minutes to complete my booking?
4. Why are there so few dates I can book my appointment?
5. How do I book more than one appointment at a time?
6. Why can't I contact you with questions?
7. I can't find any dates and times that you are available that fit my schedule, now what?
8. How do I cancel my appointment?  click here
9. How do I reschedule my appointment?  click here
10. Where are you located? click here
11. Do I need anything when I show up to my appointment?
12. Do I have to print my voucher to bring to my appointment?
13. How do I schedule you to do mani-pedi's for me and my 3 friends?
14. Why don't you work Sundays? Or Mondays?
15. Why don't you have more evening hours available?


1. I am a one-woman business working out of a hair salon. There is no receptionist. Oftentimes I will work late and don't get home until after 10pm. So if I have 30 phone calls to return, they will have to wait until the next business day. Also, returning phone calls can result in nothing but playing phone tag, where I leave messages for clients on their voicemail and they leave messages for me, back and forth, until we finally get hold of the other to make an appointment. That's a lot of wasted time and energy when a client can simply go online and book their appointment themselves. It's an easy process and I created a very detailed Step-by-Step explanation with pictures to help people. So, try that first and if you require further assistance please send me an email or text my business phone number.

2. Currently the booking program settings allow for 45 days in advance from the date of the booking. So, for example, if you want to book an appointment for mid-June, you would have to wait until May 1st to make the booking online. For dates that far out, you can always email me your request and I can make the booking for you.

3. When you are booking an appointment online and choose a date and time, that specific date and time combination is reserved for 5 minutes, preventing anyone else from coming along and booking it from under you. So, you get 5 minutes to get it booked. If you let the timer run out you risk the chance of someone else booking it out from underneath you while you're sitting at your computer. If you want that date and time, don't let the timer run out. You will know you got that booking if you get the green check mark and message stating your booking is confirmed and you get the appointment confirmation email.

4. As dates and times get booked up, there are fewer to choose from. This is rare and usually only occurs when I run a Groupon deal. Several hundred Groupon sales can result in quite a large number of people booking appointments and leading to dates getting filled which leaves fewer choices for you to book. This especially happens during periods of nice weather and holidays.

5. You cannot book more than one appointment at a time. If you need assistance just send me a text or email.

6. You can always contact me with questions. However, I took the time and effort to write out detailed instructions and FAQ's to, not only help you, but also, help me. There are only so many hours in the day and I am usually booked solid whenever I run a Groupon or other deal which means it is really difficult to answer all my phone calls, emails, texts, and take care of customers throughout the day. I do my best, but sometimes I just run out of time. So if you have a question, try to find the answer by reading my instruction posts and FAQ's first. If you don't find the answer then send me a text or email.

7. If you truly cannot find a date and time that's open that you can schedule your appointment then you can send me an email and I can put you on a waiting list. Or, you can call Groupon for a refund. Keep in mind that your voucher is valid for 150 days from the date of purchase, giving you 5 months to book your appointment. Surely you'll find a date and time that will fit your schedule at some point.

8. Please read my cancel and reschedule instructions by clicking here.

9. Please read my cancel and reschedule instructions by clicking here.

10. Please go to my Directions page by clicking here.

11. All you need is your voucher if you have a Groupon (voucher has a UPC symbol and 8 numbers beneath it) or can pull that up on your smart phone, and your flip-flops for your pedicure if you are getting one. By flip-flops I am referring to sandals that, when put on your feet, will allow me to reach all your toes to polish them. This includes being able to access your pinky toe. Many clients are showing up with sandals, but not ones that allow me to be able to polish their toes while their sandals are on. I polish toes with your sandals/flip-flops on your feet to avoid marring your polish which happens by putting your shoes on when your polish is wet. If your shoes are already on when I apply the polish, there's virtually no chance of marring your polish! Please bring flip-flops!

12. No. If you have a smart phone and know your Groupon password you can bring up your voucher at the time of your service on your phone. Just be sure you know how to do that before you arrive to your appointment to avoid having to cut your service time due to difficulties such as forgetting your password or not knowing how to bring up your voucher. Practice that before you arrive, please.

13. I am one person with only one pedicure chair. To do a total of 4 mani-pedi's I will have to book 4 mani-pedi appointments back-to-back which is about 8 hours...a full work day. That also means that each person will be at the salon for 8 hours. So, I prefer not to do groups bigger than 2 people, which is reasonable.

14. Everyone needs time off to rest and be with family. My days off are Sundays and Mondays since they are, on average, the least booked days of the week for me. On my days off I have a strict rule of not answering business emails, texts or voicemails. So, if you call me on my days off I will not return your call until the next business day, which is Tuesday. This rule also applies to any vacation days, personal days, or holidays. I also ask that people respect my business hours and not call my business number, which is my cell phone, outside my business hours. Thank you.

15. I have changed my schedule to accommodate more evening appointments and work Tuesday through Friday evenings and have even expanded, at times, to include Saturday evening openings when necessary. However, I am only human, and cannot work 50+ hour weeks every week of the year, unfortunately. I wish I could, but my body won't let me. It starts to shut down. So, I do my best to accommodate as many working people needing evening appointments as I can. Thank you for your patience.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Some Nail Art From October to November 2014

I've been busy and behind on posting some of my latest nail art pictures. Here's some of what I've done lately, the most recent of which is the candy cane nail art...

French Gel Polish Manicure with hand-painted candy cane nail art.

Elegant Wish Gelish gel polish color with hand-painted Autumn leaf nail art

Gel Polish Manicure in fade effect with hand-painted Autumn leaves on two nails.

Gel Polish Manicure with picture window nail art

Glitter Nails!! Gel Polish Manicure with glitter nails

Fresh pedicure with a glittery polish for the holidays!

Acrylic pink and white nails with Halloween nail art

Acrylic nails with polish and hand-painted nail art on 4 nails in metallic acrylic paints for Autumn.

Acrylic nails with polish and hand-painted tiger themed nail art on 4 nails

Hand painted tiger stripes on one thumb and a tiger eye on the other

Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Holidays Deals

New Deals!

I have two great deals for you! Save 56% on my Happy Holidays Mani-Pedi package! which includes gel polish for your toes so you can put your socks and shoes on immediately after your pedicure... that means NO WAITING for your toes to dry or leaving the salon in sandals and having cold feet.

If you only want a manicure, save $8 with my Gel Polish Manicure deal. Have beautiful, shiny, long-lasting nails for the holidays!

View each offer for details and purchase online.

To schedule your appointment you can go to your order purchase confirmation email and book online using the link provided in the email or email me, text or call my business number (816-875-6613) or call the salon directly (816-781-9339).

Happy Holidays Mani-Pedi Package...

Gel Polish Manicure Deal...

Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014!

Happy Halloween, everybody! I know they're putting up Christmas stuff in the stores already but it's not even Hallween, yet. Let's enjoy the holidays one at a time, shall we? Get tons of candy to give out to the kids. Don't worry, you can eat the leftovers! Put on a scary or cute costume, dress up the kids, the pets, and decorate. I love Halloween! When you're done with the trick-or-treating you can turn out the lights and start watching some scary movies! Or, do what I do... buy tons of candy, turn out all the lights, start a scary movie marathon and eat all the candy myself!!

Here's some Halloween and autumn nail art I have hand-painted for clients and for you to enjoy...

Red and burnt orange gel polish fade with lightning bolts and bats on 2 fingers.

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Due to the current salon downsizing and not having an appropriate space for me to do nails and pedicures, I've had to find a new location to move to and I am glad to say I have found a wonderful new home for me and my clients! As of today I have moved to Stevie and Company Hair Salon in Pleasant Valley, Missouri which is just off of I-35 near Liberty, Missouri. I've never met a salon owner so welcoming, nice, smart and professional as Connie! I feel very positive and look forward to my future at this new location.

To mark the change I've revamped my website a little bit, gave it a facelift, and have updated my information across the internet. My business phone number is the same, how you make appointments online is the same, etc. The only thing that has changed is where you need to go when it's time for your service(s).

Please check out Google Maps for help in locating my new place of business. If you need further assistance you can call or text me, or call the salon directly at 816-781-9339.