Nail Polish With Art Photos

The following pictures are just a sampling of my work. I do everything from manicures to pedicures, acrylic to hard gel, gel polishes, and simple nail art to elaborate nail art. If you like what you see and live in the area of Kansas City feel free to schedule an appointment with me using my "book now" button, or you can write a comment letting me know what you think of my work (stay positive!). Thanks for visiting :-)

Nail Art - Portraiture/Reproducing Masterpiece

I entered this nail into a nail art competition, Nail Magazine's "Mini Masterpiece Competition." I chose Vermeer's "Girl With A Pearl Earring" to reproduce onto a nail. I think it turned out well :-)

Nail Polish With Nail Art

Halloween nail art...witch with bats and a scary jack-o-lantern painted in acrylic paints over OPI's Atomic Orange polish, other nails are in a pale bluish grey polish color brought by the customer

Closeup of Halloween nail art...witch with bats and a scary jack-o-lantern painted in acrylic paints over OPI's Atomic Orange polish, other nails are in a pale bluish grey polish color provided by the customer

Pedicure with OPI Thrill of Brazil nail polish and hand painted KC Chief's Arrowheads in acrylic paints

Manicure with a nice fuchsia polish color and I hand painted a closeup of butterfly wings on the ring fingers. It turned out really well and my client loved them! That's all that matters, right?

I sew purses and such in my spare time and sell them on Etsy (Sweet Berry Bags). Here's a view of one of my coin purses I made and the nail tips I painted as inspiration. I was a little literal with my interpretation; I probably could have combined the two on one nail and did the black and white polka dot at an angle or something, but I really like the nails.

My absolute favorite cat fabric! I just had to try to get this on a nail and it worked out really well! I used a pink polish as the base/background, and used acrylic paints to paint the cat. Then I used a silver glitter paint to dot on the dots and paint the bowtie. Cute kitty!

Inspired by a favorite fabric of mine I started with a brown polish base over the entire nail and used dotting tools of different sizes and all the different shades of dots I saw in the fabric I did with matching or similar nail polishes.

French polish with some nail art added. I did snowflakes in acrylic paint.

Fun with animal prints! My favorite is the giraffe one (right). It came out way better than I imagined :-)

Fun nail art on tips. They look even better in person :-)

Manicure finished in a red polish (Animalistic by OPI) and some white flowers with green leaves painted using acrylic paint.

I really liked how this one came out. It's a seahorse in the ocean with some sea plants around him painted with acrylic paint and the reflective, sandy bottom to the ocean was done using a mix of glitters. I even painted some air bubbles :-)

Nail art on tips. Most are polish base with acrylic paint art and some have polish art as well.

4th of July nail art using acrylic paints over nail polish base and some confetti stars added.

St. Patrick's Day nail art using acrylic paints over nail polish base.

Fun doing Halloween themed nail art on a plastic practice hand. Each nail has a nail polish base and all the artwork is done in acrylic paints. The thumb is a Jack-O-Lantern. The index was a ghost when I finished all the nails but I can't find a photo with all the nails done. Middle finger is a witch flying on her broom in front of a full moon. The ring finger is of dripping blood. And the pinkie is a spider with its web.

Closeup of the Jack-O-Lantern thumbnail art.

Snowmen nail art! A sweet little girl wanted a snowman on her thumbs so I gave her a manicure and polished her nails in red then used acrylic paints to paint these tiny little snowmen and made it snow. I also added some black microbeads for the snowman's buttons. She was a very happy client when I was done which warmed my heart :-)

Christmas and winter themed nail art done on tips. Base is done in nail polish and artwork is done using acrylic paints. The holly nail has red rhinestones added as well.

Having fun doing Christmas themed nail art on a plastic practice hand. Index finger represents the Plaza Lights here in Kansas City at night (shopping district that is lit in Christmas lights every year). Middle finger is a Santa. Ring finger is a Christmas tree with presents underneath. The pinkie finger is snowflakes. Each fingernail is done in a nail polish color as the base and the artwork is done using acrylic paints.

Nail art using striper brush and nail polish.

Spa pedicure with red polish and white flower nail art in acrylic paint.